A Devastating Loss... / by Justin Nordine


I’ve been working with Wendy, my client now since last year and the first piece we started, the bird, all was well.  We hadn’t quit moved into our new studio yet and she got one of my favorite pieces on her forearm.

Then I got the message while I was away filming and one that you don’t ever want to hear. Her husband passed away suddenly from a car accident in January.  He was on his way to get more work done on his tattoo in Salt Lake. Wendy’s life changed instantly for her and her young son.

Fast forward a few months later and our first project has now turned into healing projects. Spirit animals of herself, her husband and their son. We have one more spirit animal to go.

Life is precious and we are never guaranteed another day. My heartbreaks for Wendy and her son. I’m honored to be a small part of her healing. Another reason why I love what I get to do. Connect on deeper levels Andes art as a form of healing and honor.

Much love.

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