And so it begins... / by Justin Nordine

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And so it begins. This little show called Ink Master that I kept to myself for the first few months fo the first part of the year is about to start. I have a mix of feelings. One of them NOT being nervous. Which I figured I was going to be scared shitless when this finally aired. But I have to say, I feel I was exactly who I am in real life as how I was on the show.

It took me a long time to make the decision to actually go on and participate. After several calls for the past few seasons I decided to give it a shot. While I can’t share much about behind the scenes I can tell you it was something I didn’t expect. Even though I went in with a pretty good idea of what to expect. Given I know someone that has been on the show before. But nothing prepares you for this kind of “reality”.

The first 12 minutes of the episode have been shown and I have to say, it is very strange watching yourself. I experienced this first hand and so my. memories are different then what you all will see on screen. From the cold outdoors takes, to the many screams of “WE ARE ON ICE PEOPLE” (which basically means don’t talk), meeting the judges for the first time, making facials so they have plenty to use during the episodes, to finding myself tattooing in a very unfamiliar environment, timed and then exposed for all to see. Add on doing this with people I have never met, living in a place I have never been and being recorded 12-16 hours a day. It’s a lot to put into a 60 minute episode.

So as you all watch, enjoy it. Im glad I did it and experienced something most will never get too. Add the excitement of my face bing up in Time Square. Holy Shit! But also remember, this is a tv show to entertain. Its’ not real life. But a strange reality that exists only on your screen. Each one of these artists are amazingly talented and put their lives on hold to do this. Either for social gain, to push themselves as artist or because it sounded like fun, they did something extremely difficult. I am truly grateful for the experience and can’t wait for you all to go on this journey with me. However long it may or may not last. You’ll have to tune in each week to see what happens!

I am hoping each night after the episode Ill do a live Q & A, or a blog roasting the episode. Either way, Im looking to engage with you all, answer question or just give you the truth of “reality tv” as it is shown. Thank you for the love and encouragement.

Much love.