Sneak Peek...How Are you feeling about the theme...? / by Justin Nordine

So here it is…the sneak peek of the season premier of Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes.

And you know what…..? Had I known the theme for this year, I wouldn’t have signed on. Thats the honest truth. Now, since I was there and had already signed a contract, I don’t really have a choice. But I made a decision, this wasn’t about sexes for me. As you all saw in “meet the artists” I specifically referenced my daughter and that it didn’t matter to me if I am battle a male or female. We are artists and that’s how I look at this whole thing.

I was shocked when we found out it was battle of the sexes. It’s 2019 for God sakes! But I have to agree that we are seeing more and more women in the industry doing some absolutely amazing work and not necessarily getting the credit they deserve for it. I have two female tattoo artists in my studio and they work their asses off to get the recognition they deserve. Without the tits and ass hanging out. Their work speaks from themselves and that is what matters. I am happy to see an equal amount of guys and gals on the show this time around. Typically it’s just a handful of women. Just not sure why it took so long for there to be equal amounts of gender and then let the artist battle it out. But here we are…

The idea of guys vs girls was only a matter of time. It creates controversy, gets discussions going and also puts the two against each other. For me, ill say it again. Sex doesn’t matter. All are capable of greatness. My daughter for instance, I have always told her she can be and do whatever she wants. She is a strong young woman and Id be damned to go on some show and treat anyone differently because of who they are and what they stand for. I don’t do it in my own home, and you for sure won’t see me doing it on national television.

My core values are strong and I love all. Period. So I encourage you all to watch, be open about what you see and hear, but also remember this is a tv show. Not necessarily the real world.

I would love to hear your feedback about what you have seen and your feelings about this season theme. Which artists are you already pissed at, which artists do you feel are putting on a show and which artists are you rooting for? Leave your comments below! As episodes come out, Ill be adding my two cents, some good, some bad but always transparent and real. SO make sure and come back and join me in discussion as we jump into season 12 of Ink Master.

Much love.