One Trick Pony / by Justin Nordine


Well it’s official. My work is finally up on Inkmaster for all to see.  I have actually been dreading this day. I tend to be a very pessimistic person when it comes to myself. Normally I’m very optimistic of others but for me, always thinking the worst.  

Im happy to say that the majority of the comments I received were pretty nice!  I was pleasantly surprised as I know the internet can be a sea of darkness and full of keyboard warriors!   The one comment that seem to come up was “his stuff is nice but he’s a one trick pony”

I found that really interesting and yet, not surprising. Inkmaster is a show about someone being a master of many styles and not a master of one. So a guy like me, with a very distinctive style, on a show that is looking for diversity. It’s no wonder this title kept being brought up.   

I do pride myself in having a distinctive style. It has allowed me to have an absolutely amazing career, one that I never thought was possible.   So why then would I go on a show like Inkmaster?

That is a really good question. To be honest, my only response to that is I wanted a platform to show a unique side of the industry and to be pushed artistically.  But it’s true, this show is looking for a master of many. I wanted to be pushed out of my comfort zone and challenged to do other styles.  I guess you’ll have to tune in a see how I did!!

Regardless, take away the “watercolor” look and you’ll see solid foundations of tattooing. Strong lines, solid black, packed in color, etc. but it’s interesting because many only see what is on the surface. Not what it takes and what foundations it needs to be able to be applied correctly. 

So I’ll take the title of One Trick Pony. I have many tricks, but I’m proud of my style. It’s mine. It developed out of pure experimentation. I like being the odd one out. Thank you all for the continued love and support.  This was a crazy ride for sure!  And it’s just the beginning...


much love.