Inspirational Humans / by Justin Nordine


Inspiration comes in many forms and in many ways to artists. I know for me personally, when I started really embracing the art world and painting in college, my inspiration was drawn from social concepts to personal stories of myself. Over the years, I’ve relied heavily on my own personal demons and strengths, but as my career in tattooing has grown, and I tend to paint less, my inspiration comes from the human connection.

It seems obvious that my inspiration for my designs come from my clients. That’s a given. But for me it has become more then just artistic inspiration. But has inspired me to see us as all very much equal. We all bleed the same. We all arrived here in the same way. The human connection is a beautiful thing.

I have heard so many stories from my clients that I am consistently humbled by the human story. I have heard stories of triumph and overcoming some insane challenges. From terminal diagnosis to coming to terms with oneself. I’ve heard stories of pure tragedy, sometimes stories I feel like I wouldn’t have been strong enough to survive to unbelievable journeys that I can only dream of doing someday!! And tattoos do not always have to mean something. They can purely be an extension of beauty on our bodies and that in itself is inspirational.

I have never taken for granted the amount of amazing human beings that have sat with me for hours on end, sharing their lives, their inspirations for this piece of work and then trusting me to create a vision I see for them.

When I ask for full artistic creation this isn’t about me doing what I want, it’s taking what I’ve been shared with from my client and translating it into something from my mind. Meaning my specific style guides the design based of the clients information. I have set a pretty fail proof regiment, asking for images of inspiration, pieces I’ve done that have inspired the client to seek a tattoo from me, and their story, as much or as little as they want to share. Then taking the time to talk to each of my clients to gain an even deeper perspective of them and their direction for the piece of work.

So as you can see, my inspiration comes from you. I am in constant awe of what is brought to me and then getting the privilege to design these stories, memories, hardships and triumphs.

So thank you, for being inspirational humans!!

much love.