What a Summer.... / by Justin Nordine


It has been a while since I posted on here. It’s been a really difficult summer if I am being honest. So much has gone on but I feel like I am in a really good place right now because of it. Not sure how much I want to share at this point, but on a personal level is where things where very challenging.

Life is a very interesting journey. One that has it’s ups and downs. It's also one that is truly an epic journey that we all get to be apart of in some way or another. I think what I find most interesting is the ability for people to create stories about situations that at the very core might have some truth, but the extended versions are so far from the truth that it’s ridiculous.

This summer I took sometime to find me. After a severe bout of depression which led me to a suicide attempt back in March, feeling more lost then I ever have, I needed to do some serious self internal healing. I needed some space. I needed time. Therapy was so important during this time for me.

After many months of some of the most intense and trying times both emotionally and physically, I am starting to find my authentic self, and Im proud to say I am on a path that works for me. Because of this, I am truly grateful to have some of the best support systems. My wife, is by far, one of the most amazing humans on this planet. She and I have been through the ringer these past 6 months and her dedication to me and understanding the challenges I have faced, is still willing to walk with me on this path is truly a blessing. Transparency is key! We are coming up on our 16th year of marriage and we have never felt closer to each other because of what we have gone through together then we do right now.

Our society is so based on traditions that if something goes outside of these traditions or the “norm” then immediately it is seen as bad or not “normal”. Why?? Why have we set such perimeters of what is ok and what is not, that we have stifled ourselves as humans? Because of religion? Because of social norms? We as humans, are the most complex thinkers this world has ever seen, and yet, we restrict our thoughts and actions to be so linear because “society says so”. But here is what I think, you all reading this probably think like I do. You just don’t allow yourselves to go there. Fear of judgement. Fear or rejection. Whatever it may be, it’s easier to turn an eye and pass judgement on the others that are not fitting “social norms”. I say fuck that. Be you. Be authentic. Live authentically. Anyone that challenges that, they can fuck off!

It feels good to say that! I have learned that a lot of the outside chatter beyond my circle of family and friends is nothing more than noise. And often loud, obnoxious noise that needs no attention other than to be turned off. So Im working on “turning off the noise”. Because this summer taught me a lot about who Justin Nordine is, as a man, as a husband, as a father, Im more then the tattoo artist I am known for, as a human being that doesn’t necessarily “fit” in what society wants me to be And that’s ok. And for those that don’t like that, thats ok too.

My therapist asked me in last weeks session, “what do you want out of all of this Justin?” I said “I want to fall in love with me”

I encourage you all to fall in love with yourselves too.

much love.