Finding Hope / by Justin Nordine


Finding hope. It’s out there. And when life throws you some serious curve balls, hope seems far off.  This is Jenney. Her husband had abused her son severely one day and due the severity he passed away. Her story is complex. Deep and meaningful and her life now is much different then it was several years ago before her sons untimely death.  It was not an on going abuse but a moment of rage that lead to the tragedy. And so Jenney has learned to cope and find hope in her sadness. 

The tiger was the first tattoo we did last year in honor of her son. As much joy as she told me it brought to her, she wanted to finish it. So we added a dragon, mirroring the tiger for her other son who has also suffered the loss of his little brother. And her arm, an Egyptian symbol for strength and beautiful cherry blossoms.  

I wanted to bring all the images together as one, cohesive piece that told a story of strength, tragedy and hope.  

May you all continue to find hope in this dark world.  


Much love.