Growth Takes Time / by Justin Nordine



Growth Takes Time

I got to do this cool Bristlecone Pine for my cousin last week.  These trees have lived a long time (some are the longest living life forms) and are super resilient to harsh weather. I found it to be an appropriate connection to real life.  Life is hard. Life isn’t easy. And much like these trees, they’ve gone through a lot of shit.

Being resilient in life can be challenging. As a business owner, tattoo artists, father and husband, life throws curveballs all the time. Often from somewhere we had no idea it was coming.

I’ve learned so much in the last 11 years but particularly this last year. At the ripe ole age of 39, life is become more clear. Which is a good thing but also hard. Finding yourself. What works for you. What doesn’t work from. Tough calls to trying times. But it’s these challenges that keep us resilient and willing to grow. I’ve experienced some pretty dark storms, especially in the past year and wanted, and almost did, give up. But my life is worth fighting for and so I found this tree tattoo and great juxtaposition to most of our lives.

Keep on keeping on everyone. This is what we got. Make it the best you can.

Much love.