Human Connections / by Justin Nordine


I often get asked, what is my favorite part of tattooing?  Getting to do art for a living is awesome. Something I’d always had hoped I’d be able to do. But what I really enjoy about my career is the human connection. I have been so humbled by the 1000s of clients that have sat in my chair and shared with me their lives.  From the good to the absolute worst.  For me, listening to everyone has allowed me to see that we are all not that much different from one another. We all have baggage. We all have had  heartbreak.  celebration. Devastation. Death. Sickness. Just about everything. Of course no two stories are the same but relatability, that we have. 

So for me sitting and getting to know everyone humbled me.  I really enjoy talking and getting to my clients, their lives and struggles. It really makes you realize that we aren’t all that different and if we could be more open and transparent, maybe we could find a common ground amongst ourselves. 

The human connection is pretty amazing. We just have to realize that we all bleed the same and experience life in similar ways. Good baggage and bad baggage.   We all have it!


Much love.