Do you fit into your box? / by Justin Nordine


Part of the joy I get in being a tattoo artist is getting to know my clients on a deeper level. I’m an empath, I’m sensitive and drawn to the emotions of others. Either to fix, try to heal or just to listen, it’s something I cherish but also have learned to be cautious.   

My client came to me for a design that represented her time in Africa. Part of the Peace Corps, she selflessly spent two years working in a village. No running water, no electricity and no real source of communication or really knowing anyone and her connection with the LGBTQ community, she wanted a design that shared those stories and a part of who she is and still learning about herself.

During the session, we got into some great,  conversations that reminded me again, we are so alike in this world. Whether our stories line up, or cross, we all share tragedy, triumphs on this journey called life.  None of us “fit” the box we all seem to try and fit in or what others expect us to fit into. Either for the sake of social norms or our own insecurities most of the time our “box” doesn’t fit! 

I was reminded by my client that life is not easy. It’s not black and white. And that the human connection is much deeper then what is expected to be the norm. To follow your own path. Not what has been laid out in front of you. And to love yourself. However challenging that might be, to love yourself is the greatest love we all seem to be passing by...

Much love.  


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