Timed Out? / by Justin Nordine


Time is a strange thing. When we are young, time drags. Waiting for your birthday or Christmas seems like a lifetime. The days are longer and it often seem to drag along.  

As we age, time seems to go faster and faster. The work day flies by, the months seem to go by in a matter of weeks.   we seemed to often wish the days were longer (well at least I do!!)

Looking at time and approaching 40, time is flying by.  If I’m being honest, I struggle with that pretty deeply.  Life is never a guarantee and I think as we age, we recognize that even  more. My kids are growing up so fast, my business is in is 11th year and doesn’t seem to be possible!  I graduated high school over 20 years ago!!  And with time, we also learn more and more about ourselves as we age  

I see time now as something to take by the reigns and embrace it. Even though it isn’t easy and hasn’t been easy as if late, If this is it and we are not guaranteed each day then time is just something that reminds us of each day we get, so I’m working through life and looking to embrace time, embrace what I’ve learned and am learning about myself.  Live your days out right.  Use time to allow yourselves to be true to you, the ones you love but most of all, take it day by day. The clock will keep ticking regardless so use it to your advantage. 


Much love.