Creative Freedom / by Justin Nordine


As an artist, creativity comes for our soul. Literally. Am I often am challenged within the industry to make sure clients have a buy in to the design. It is going on them forever!!  But their also comes a balance. You don’t want do something you’re not proud of (at least I don’t) just for a paycheck.   especially given that I and many other artists specialize. Sometimes you get some flak from outside people thinking you are a pretentious, too good to do “those” tattoo. But the reality is, when you have so many people wanting in, you get to be selective. That doesn’t negate the fact you still feel like an asshole turning people away. It’s basic business. Supply and demand. An artists is one person trying to make all happy.  So costs can rise, selective preference happens  


So when it it comes to creative freedom, I still look for what makes my clients tick. It’s import for them to know I’m not going to just put a random skull with satans marking on them (not that I would ever do that lol). Those buy in is important.  But to also trust the process and journey they are about to embark on with me as their artist. 


Transparency  is key. I post about 90% of what I tattoo. I try and show the process. Be as detailed as possible about what to expect when you get work done from me. I follow up with all clients and in turn, many come back time and time again because of the experience. That’s what we all want. We want an experience that brings us joy. Understanding. To be heard. To walk away with confidence.  


So, trust your artists. Give them artistic freedom. In the end, you’ll walk away more colorful then before (ha ha ha. That was cheesy).  


Much Love.