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Scheduling projects for 2019-2020:

01 TRUST THE PROCESS: This is a special project for those interested in surrendering artistic control and allowing me to design and create some of my greatest ideas!  

02 NATURE LOVER: Are you a nature lover?  Then this project is for you!  I’ll design something that showcases the true beauty of the world. You pick the theme I’ll do the rest!

03 CREATURE FEATURE: Mammals, birds, and insects too!  Love our creatures and looking for something unique? Then this projects for you!  You pick the creature, I’ll do the rest!!

04 THIS MUST BE POP!: Pop culture at its finest with a Nordine twist!  Are you an 80s baby, love culture icons or pop culture influences?  Then I’m ready to design for you!  You pick the pop I’ll design something culturally unique!

05 AT FACE VALUE: From a loved one to just a random face, this project brings on the portrait concept to the next level!  Looking for a lifelong representation of the human face?  You tell me who (or not) and I’ll design the rest!  

06 WHAT IS IT?: Abstraction can mean so many things!  If it’s random beauty you are looking for and nothing more, then my abstraction project is your calling!

Please keep in mind, not all inquiries will receive a session as space is limited at travel and convention locations.    

Thank you for your continued support of Justin Nordine Tattoos!  

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