watercolor tattoos

an ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA Experiment by Justin Nordine


This is something new I am going to try. As you all know, I suffer heavily from depression and anxiety. In the past 6 months my depression has been the worst it has ever been. My career demands my time to be on social media, watching, commenting, posting, etc and to be honest. Im over it. Instagram owns the images we post, dictates who can see our post based on how active we are, how much money we are willing to spend on a post so more people can see it. I am humbled to have almost 80K followers on instagram (none of which were bought), almost 60K on facebook and other various social media outlets. However, less than 10% of the people that follow me, don’t see what I post UNLESS I pay more, or find myself more active on social media. This is affecting my mental health but I also want to be able to continue to connect with my clients on a personal level.

I am tired of the dictatorship of social media. I dropped my personal facebook last July and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. Now I am feeling the heat of instagram, will it hurt my business if I stop interacting and turn my attention to my personal website? I can control everything you see and respond to all comments. I can have everyone interested in my work, sign up with my mailing list and get notified of openings, travels, last minutes availability, big announcements, etc. Im in control of my website, not some big company. So I ask you to come to website, follow my blog “Colorful Pricks”, where I will post my tattoos and other aspects of my life. These images will still come across various other platforms because I can push this content to them. But I am taking back control of who wants to come and see my work, make it accessible to all parties, all on my terms. #screwsocialmedia


Books Open APRIL 1st!! by Justin Nordine

My books are opening April 1st, 2019 at 12am MST. I will be scheduling for August, September and October only. There are 7 different projects I am scheduling for on my website: Trust the Process, Nature Lover, Creature Feature, This Must Be POP!, At Face Value, What Is It?, and Lets Go Big! Very excited to offer a new way to schedule and begin to create a “series” of work based on these 7 projects! Thanks for the continued love and support. You can submit via my website on April 1st at www.justinnordinetattoos.com. Much love!

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