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Ink Master? by Justin Nordine

So I did this thing…some show called, Ink Master.  Ever heard of it??

I finally gave in, after the calls for several season I thought, why not?!?!  I have to say it was quit the journey and experience.  Of course I went into this excited to showcase the artistry that I so love about what I do, as well as open up about mental health and get people talking and in hopes of learning a few things about myself and pushing myself in some new directions.  I learned a lot about myself, reality TV, and how much I truly do enjoy people.  The cast was the absolute best part of this experience.  

I am hoping to blog after every episode (or podcast) and do some fun takes on the whole thing, from the talent to the competition to the just crazy shit that happens!  So follow this blog to keep on top of everything and more.

You’ll have to tune in to this season and see how it all unfolds.  Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes premieres Tuesday, June 11th at 10/9c on Paramount Network.