Beyond the Canvas is a new way to showcase full body tattoos as fine art.  Each piece is a non-objective fine art design that works with the movement and flow of the human body.  BTC was envisioned to begin to merge the idea of fine art and body art into a seamless display of art.  The body is a true "walking canvas".

If you are interested in being apart of this revolutionary concept, please click here to see the various conceptual pieces.  Each piece is priced in total, however, payment arrangements can be made to help accommodate the price.  Each piece can take upwards of 6 months or more to complete.  If you decided you are interested in scheduling, all BTC clients will have priority scheduling.  They can have the choice of a Monday or Friday to help accommodate with traveling needs.

Justin hopes to take these pieces to galleries around the world and showcase them as fine art.  A true merge of fine art and tattoos.