Justin Nordine Tattoos

Justin Nordine Tattoos

Justin Nordine is a watercolor tattoo artist at his studio, The Raw Canvas, in Grand Junction, Colorado.  His style has captured attention all over the world and has become a highly sought after artist.  His style is a mix of "chaos and structure" and uses the stories of his clients as his inspiration.  Check out "This Is Me" series.

Justin Nordine was born and raised in Grand Junction, Co. In 2008, after 5 years of teaching fine art to urban city students in Denver, CO., Justin walked away from teaching to follow a dream of being a full time tattoo artist and fine art gallery owner. In October 2008, Justin opened The Raw Canvas Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery a new kind of tattoo studio that brought together not only the art of tattooing, but local fine artists into an urban styled art gallery where he puts on major art and music events every other month. These events have brought in 100's of 1000's of people into his studio and gallery. By showcasing local art, music and food, The Raw Canvas has become a major point of interest in the grand valley. In addition to Justin's success as a self-taught tattoo artist, in which he creates vivid images of fine art on the skin and traditional tattoo techniques, helps establish Justin as a unique tattoo artist with an intriguing eye and in addition to an art gallery owner, he is also an established painter. His painting style ranges from abstract based landscape imagery to Cityscapes and urban culture.

Tattoo artist Justin Nordine is taking the tattoo industry high tech. At The Raw Canvas Tattoo Studio in Grand Junction, Colorado, Nordine uses an all-digital design process and new high tech tools from Apple to change the conventional process of getting "inked."

BEFORE submitting a request with Justin please read the following:

  • Justins books are currently closed.  Please follow his social media accounts to find out when his books will open
  • Justin does receive many request and is unable to tattoo each and every request that he receives    
  • Justin is currently taking on clients that allow him full artistic freedom with no restriction. 
  • Justin is only scheduling for full day sessions at this time (larger pieces) and charges an hourly fee
  • Justin is not currently scheduling cover-ups, script work or working on other artists pieces.

Justin’s goal is to give you a custom piece of artwork that is unique and something you will cherish for a lifetime. Justin is very interested in your story, things that inspire you, move you, something that shares your soul. 

To fill out a request, please click here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at Justin's work!  We look forward to working with you soon!

Equaliser Pro Team Artist Justin Nordine demonstrates how to use the Equaliser Proton Pen Tattoo Machine in this short video by Ultimate Tattoo Supply. Justin Nordine is popular for his water color tattoos. He believes this pen helps him achieve better lines as well as enhance the range of motion when tattooing.